Since going to the seminar, the shifts and changes have been extremely helpful for me in my life. Even my friends
have noticed how much I’ve changed for the better.
~Amy Yelk
My relationship to men, love, sex, and money completely altered in one magical, impactful weekend. Intrinsically
Magnificent delivered everything it promised – and so much more. I will never be the same again and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you!
~Elaina McMillan
I have done several self-development seminars and Intrinsically Magnificent has been the most the most enjoyable and effective one. I have been experiencing insomnia, low self-esteem, anxiety about money and the future. However, I know these issues are gone now. This was one of the best experiences of my life! I have confidence! I am beautiful, healthy, wealthy, successful, at peace and in Love! I will recommend this seminar to my friends, co-workers, and everyone I know.
~Karen Park
It totally blew my mind. My life has transformed in so many ways in only one week since taking this program. My passion has been re-ignited and I feel like a NEW ME!
~Mari Smith
Intrinsically Magnificent masterfully weaves together an entire weekend full of processes, exercises, and games
designed to eliminate the frustrating blocks to love, passion, and intimacy.has been re-ignited and I feel like a NEW ME!
~Ginny Kuhel
An amazing gift to all women! No matter how enlightened you may be, Intrinsically Magnificent will uncover the hidden places that hold you back in all areas of your life!
~Ronda Wada
This seminar came at the perfect time of transition in my life. I feel so grounded and like I have been reset for a more powerful, impactful, and positive life. Let’s bring this important message to women around the world.
~Rebecca Sheldon
It’s the most fun I’ve ever had at a seminar.
~Kayoko Yoshikai
I found this seminar to be a profoundly empowering experience. It’s about whole life success.
~Morgana Rae, The Charmed Life Coach