Intrinsically Magnificent! Self-Esteem

You are intrinsically magnificent! This mystical hypnosis program for women will help you release low self-esteem and create a new, vibrant outlook on life.CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Cool Off the Hot Flashes

This is the perfect hypnotherapy program for women experiencing hot flashes. It’s time to cool off and enjoy a comfortable body temperature, now.

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Chakra Healing & Waterfall of Abundance

This amazing audio hypnosis program creates a system-wide healing of your entire body. Also included are two special
programs to help create abundance.

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Fit and Slender, NOW!

This hypnosis program will help you to release those unwanted pounds without the stress you have experienced in the past. It’s time to get Fit and Slender, NOW!

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Releasing PMS

It’s time to finally release the negative effects of PMS. This hypnosis program will ease the pain and bloating, and soften your outlook.

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Taming the Mood Swings

Everyone has their ups and downs. This amazing hypnosis program offers relief for women who are experiencing more than their fair share.

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Wealth, Success, and Abundance, NOW!

It’s time to start attracting the wealth you deserve. This wonderful hypnosis program will bring you Wealth, Success, and Abundance, NOW!

CD $14.95    MP3 $9.95

Sexcess for Women Hypnotherapy

This magical hypnosis program will create a level of intimacy you never dreamed possible. This is a wonderful journey to the new heights you deserve in you life.

CD $19.95    MP3 $14.95

Women’s Health Set

This is a package set which includes Intrinsically Magnificent and your choice of 3 other titles.

CD $59.95    MP3 $39.95