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It’s time to release negative feelings about men, love, self-esteem, and money. Your personal power will blossom, and you will find yourself amazed at how passion and abundance flow into your life.


Is Your Life Truly, Deeply Fulfilling?

Are you feeling stuck?
It happens to everyone. The profound breakthroughs you can expect at Intrinsically Magnificent will help you leave the old blocks behind and create your new, empowered life.

Are you struggling after a nasty breakup?
A breakup can leave you with low self-esteem and lots of questions of what to do next. The processes you will experience at Intrinsically Magnificent will boost your self-esteem and put you on the path to a richer, more fulfilling relationship.

Is your love life stale or nonexistent?
Sometimes the romantic pilot light gets turned down, or even off. This event will reignite your passion flame to a level you have never before experienced.

Are you feeling unattractive and stale?
Intrinsically Magnificent will help you blossom with dazzling self-expression.

Are you longing to reclaim your femininity?
This event will help you dance forward into your beautiful and strong feminine energy.

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Exclusive Presentation by Appreciation of Women in Business

Intrinsically Magnificent, a personal development seminar for women, helps successful, goal-oriented women break through the blocks to intimate relationships and personal power.

“Every woman in today’s modern society needs to take this seminar. The world will be a better place, with more empowered women and thriving relationships. Any woman who’s ever suffered from low self-esteem, poor body image, or experienced frustrations with her partner needs to take Intrinsically Magnificent, NOW!”
~ Anna Bronstein

Who Should Attend?

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, you need to attend the Intrinsically Magnificent Seminar for Women.

Would you like to reignite the passion in your marriage?
Are you done with serial dating and ready for the right man in your life?
Are your children growing and gone, and need Mom less and less?
Are you facing a major life transition . . . or wishing you could be?
Do you deserve more prosperity and abundance in your life?

If you are tired of feeling all the pressure, and are looking to finally step forward and claim the magnificent life you deserve, this seminar is for you!

Attract Prosperity and Abundance
Save Your Current Relationship
Create an Exciting New Relationship
Step into your Power
Find yourself participating at a new level
Recognize you are intrinsically magnificent.


This magnificent seminar—for women only—will bring about phenomenal change in your life, NOW.

Intrinsically Magnificent is for you if:

You are ready for more abundance and prosperity in your life.
You are looking to create more passion and intimacy in your life.
You are ready for the rich romantic relationship you deserve.
You have a successful career and are looking for more success in your personal life.

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 Exclusive Presentation for Appreciation of Women in Business